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Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake – that is the first of its kind among both boutique and mass-market cheesecake brands in Singapore.
Blending creamy Mascarpone cheese and the unmistakable relish of Bailey’s™️ Irish Cream into a signature vanilla-infused Basque batter and finished with a generous speckle of cocoa, the Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake is the stuff of heaven for lovers of coffee and chocolate over a rich, decadent dessert. The well perfected recipe also results in very flavourful, luscious core that largely retains its form in a slice and but melts swiftly into an almost lavalike indulgence upon the tongue.


*Tiramisu Basque Cheese Cake contains alcohol

7" Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake

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