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Hi! My name is Julene and I lovingly hand-bake each and every one of the cakes you see on this site. 

They say baking is an art that must be sparked and sustained with passion. It channels the positivity from one’s heart through one’s fingertips into a burst of sweet, savoury, buttery delish – that in a magical moment, shares an unspoken message of love and happiness from the baker to the nom-nomer. Nothing else in the world achieves this quite like baking. 

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve been a serial baker. Cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, unicorn ombrés, brownies – I’m guilty of them all; a community chest of calories delivered to the tummysteps of loved ones and friends. When the cheesecake wave came calling, I naturally tried baking one for the house…  
and then another for some friends… 
and they texted soon after and said OMG!! YOU GOTS TO SELL IT BABE…
and the rest is history😊


I hope you enjoy my cakes as much as I enjoy bringing them to you!


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